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Fix: SteamVR Error 108 [Solved]

It is frustrating when you encounter SteamVR error 108 while enjoying the 3D virtual reality platform by Valve.

This error imparts that your SteamVR headset is not detected. But there is nothing to worry about as today I am going to explore some easy solutions to fix the problem.

How To Fix SteamVR Error 108?

Before we discuss the solutions, check that the link box and all the cables are connected properly.

After checking this, perform the steps mentioned below to fix SteamVR error 108.

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Fix 1: Restart your computer

When SteamVR headset is not detected, first try restarting your PC. Restart your computer whenever you install a new driver. This helps it to function properly.

So, before you try any other solution give your computer a fresh restart.

Unplug all the cables from the devices, wait for 2-3 minutes before you plug in the cables, and turn on the devices.

After a fresh restart check if this solves your issue.

Fix 2: Restart The Headset

When your Vive headset is not detected, try restarting the headset. Many users fixed this problem soon after restarting the headset. So, you can also give this a try.

Follow the steps to do so:

Launch SteamVR and right-click on the headset icon. Choose reboot the Vive Headset option as shown below.


If the SteamVR headset is not detected again, go to our next step.

Fix 3: Power Cycle Your Link Box

Many users have power cycled their link box and got rid of the SteamVR not detecting oculus error 108.

So, you may also give this a try to solve the problem. Now follow the steps mentioned below to do it:

  • First of all, quit SteamVR and disconnect all the USB cords. Make sure to unplug the PC side of your Link box.


  • Allow a minute before you connect the cords back to the link box.
  • Now launch SteamVR and check if this process solves the issue, else move to our next solution.

Fix 4: Try Other USB Ports

Plugin your link box to other USB ports.  It is advised to choose a 3.0port if you are using a 2.0port and vice-versa.

Make sure that the USB port is functioning well with other devices. This process should fix Vive error 108.

Closing up

Hope the above methods help you fix SteamVR error 108. If you have further doubts, leave us a reply in the comments section provided below.

Sanchita Das
Sanchita Das
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