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TeamViewer Trial Expired: Learn How To Fix Easily

TeamViewer is a well-known desktop sharing app that has hyped its popularity in the present pandemic crisis.

But if you select the non-commercial or commercial version while installing TeamViewer then you can get a trial expiry message.

Now in today’s article, I am going to discuss some reasons behind and TeamViewer trial expired fixes. Check this out if you are having the same issue.

What Are The Solutions If TeamViewer Trial Has Expired?

To find a proper TeamViewer trial expired fix, check the steps described below.

1) Commercial License To Use TeamViewer Expired

If you receive a TeamViewer trial version expired message even if you are using a licensed Team Viewer then make sure that you are signing in with a valid account.

As the Team Viewer license is associated with your user account, first make sure you are using the proper user account unless TeamViewer will not recognize the license.

Check if the TeamViewer trial version has expired or if you have installed the commercial version accidentally.

In this case, you will have to reinstall TeamViewer and clean the TeamViewer files.

2) Uninstall TeamViewer

Now follow the process given below to uninstall TeamViewer from your device:

  • Type Control Panel in the Search box and choose the top option.
  • Click on the Programs and Features option.


  • Locate TeamViewer from the list of your installed apps and programs.
  • Click on TeamViewer and choose the uninstall option.


  • Click on the Yes button to confirm your action. Wait for the process to get completed.

3) Clean TeamViewer Residual Files

Now after you have uninstalled TeamViewer from your system, you need to find and remove the leftover files associated with TeamViewer. Before you do that, make sure you backup registry keys first.

Now follow the steps to clean the TeamViewer residual files:

  • Launch Run utility by pressing Win + R hotkeys.
  • Enter %appdata% in the command box and press the enter key.


  • Locate the TeamViewer folder and right-click on it. Choose the delete option.


  • Next, go to the TeamViewer installation location and delete all the folders from there.

4) Clear TeamViewer From Registry Editor

To clean TeamViewer registry entries check the process described below:

  • Enter regedit in the Run command box and press the Enter button.

This will open your Registry Editor. In the registry editor window navigate to the following file location:

  • Find the TeamViewer key and select it. Now right-click on it and select the Delete option.


  • Restart your computer and then proceed to reinstall TeamViewer.

5) Reinstall TeamViewer

Now I will show when TeamViewer is expired, how to reinstall it again.

  • Go to the official TeamViewer website and download the latest version.
  • Now double click on the installer and select from the Personal or Non-commercial use options. Click on the Finish button to end the process.
  • Install TeamViewer and launch it. Now hopefully you will not get the TeamViewer trial expired message.

Closing Up

Hope you could find a suitable TeamViewer trial expired fix from the above article. Please don’t forget to send us feedback in the comments section.

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