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What To Do If TPM Device Is Not Detected? [Solved]

A Trusted Platform Module or TPM chip is essential to carry out cryptographic operations in your system.

While booting up your laptop or PC, you may get a TPM device not detected error message. If you get this error message you will not be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

But hold on as there are different ways to resolve this error that I will be discussing today.

What To Do When TPM Device Is Not Detected

Perform the following steps when your TPM device is not detected and fix the problem.

1) Enable TPM From BIOS

If TPM is disabled in BIOS then you will get TPM device not found error.

Though I am mentioning the steps yet the process may differ for your BIOS as each version is different from the other.

  • Start your PC and keep pressing your specific BIOS key to get into the BIOS.
  • Go to Advanced or Security section.
  • Check if the TPM feature is enabled. If not then enable it.


In case you find compatible TPM cannot be found error message again, then try updating your BIOS.

2) Update BIOS

If you have not updated BIOS for a long time then try updating it.

Make sure you use the latest stable version of the firmware to avoid this kind of issue.

To upgrade your BIOS firmware, follow the detailed instruction from your motherboard manufacturer’s website.

You can skip this method if you are already using the latest firmware version. If still a compatible TPM cannot be found, then move on to the next solution.

3) Reset BIOS To Factory Defaults

Some users have reported getting the error message soon after updating BIOS. Sometimes the update may not be fully compatible with the system.

So, it is recommended to reset BIOS to factory settings. This should solve the problem.

Follow the instructions given below to reset BIOS:

  • Turn off your PC and disconnect it from the power cables.
  • Open the CPU cabinet and find the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Be gentle to remove the battery. If you find a clip holding the battery then remove it before removing the battery.


  • Wait for a few minutes before you re-seat the CMOS battery.
  • After getting everything back together, restart your computer. Now, this should solve the issue.

Closing Up

Hopefully you are not getting TPM device not detected error message after performing the above steps. For further queries comment in the section provided below.

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