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How To Type Apple Logo On Mac, iPhone, And iPad?

You may sometimes need to incorporate the Apple-type logo in your text messages and documents.

Unlike Mac, you will not get any in-built keyboard shortcuts to type the Apple icon.

So, follow this article to learn how to type the Apple logo and add it to your text.

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How To Insert An Apple Type Logo?

Follow the steps below to use the Text replacement feature and insert the Apple logo into your text.

You can add a text replacement for your Apple logo & copy-paste that into the required text.

To type the Apple logo on your Mac, follow the steps given below:

  • Search for the Apple logo on the internet and copy the Apple logo.
  • Now click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your Mac menu bar and select System Preferences.


  • Click on Keyboard as shown in the picture below.


  • Go to the Text tab and click on the Replace Click on the add (+) button.
  • To add the Apple logo to the text, enter the word for which you want to replace the apple logo. For example, here I have inserted the word ‘Logo.’
  • Paste the Apple logo that you had previously copied in the With column.


  • Go to the text where you want to enter the Apple symbol and type Logo.

Now, you will get the suggestion to input the Apple logo, as shown below.


How To Type Apple Logo In iPad And iPhone?

If you are using a single iCloud account for all your Apple devices, any alteration to the text will sync to all your iPhone and iPad devices.

Now, here is how you can type the Apple Logo in your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the phone Settings and tap on the General option. Next, select Keyboard and tap on Text Replacement.


  • From the top right side of the screen, select the add (+) button.


  • Go to the Phrase field and copy-paste the Apple Logo there.
  • Enter a word of your choice in the shortcut field that will replace the Apple Logo.
  • Finish the steps by tapping on the Save option.

Closing Up

So, that was all how you could input an Apple type logo in your text. For further details, contact us in the comments section provided below.

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