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What Does ‘Unknown Accessory Detected Near You’ Mean?

Apple’s AirTag can easily track your lost wallet, purse, luggage, etc.

Once you set it up with your iOS devices and attach it to the item, you are done! AirTag will show you your belongings in the Items tab in Find My App.

But sometimes, you may get a vague notification on your iPhone or iPad that an ‘Unknown accessory is detected near you.’

What does this notification mean, and what to do when you get such an alert? Read through this article to find it out.

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What Is Meant By Unknown Accessory Detected Near You Alert?

unknown-accessory-detectedIf you are carrying any item that is not compatible with Find My Network, then you may get such alerts.

You would get this alert only if Find My Network accessories or AirPods got detected near you that is not an AirTag.

You may have borrowed these AirPods, or your friends or family have left it behind.

Now, what to do when you get such an alert?

Follow the steps given below to check if you can play a sound on the unknown item with Find My App:

  • Tap on Alert and select Continue.
  • Tap on Play Sound option. Carefully listen to the sound to find out the item.

Any AirTag that is separated from the owner for some time will start emitting sound when it is moved.

If you can detect the item after hearing the sound, and you use any device having NFC like iPhone or Android, you can return it to its owner.

If you cannot play sound, then this may indicate that the item is not with you anymore.

Maybe its identifier has changed! But if you believe the item is still around you, you can look for it manually in all possible possession.

In case you cannot find it, you can take help of the nearby law enforcement.

How To Track Any Airpods, Airtag Or Find My Network Accessory?


When any AirTag, AirPod or Find My Network is apart from its owner and is moving with you, you will get notifications that an unknown accessory is detected near you.

To receive the alerts, follow the steps as given:

  • Make sure to turn off the Airplane Mode on your iPhone. If it is turned on, you will not get any notification.
  • Open iPhone Settings and tap on Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on.
  • Open your iPhone Settings, and tap on Privacy > Location Services. Make sure that the Location Services is turned on.
  • Tap on iPhone Settings, go to the Privacy section and tap on Location Services > System Services. Enable Find My iPhone feature.
  • From iPhone Settings, go to Privacy > Location Services > System Services.
  • Turn on the Significant Locations like your home, workplace, etc.

How To Disable An AirTag?

If the Find My network or AirTag is tracking people without their consent, then you can disable it.

To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Hold the top of the NFC-compatible Smartphone or iPhone near the white portion of the AirTag till you get a notification.
  • Tap on the notification. You will be directed to a website providing detailed information about the AirTag.

Here you will find the serial number of the AirTag along with the last 4 digits of the contact number of the person who registered it.


This way, you will be above to identify the owner.

In case the owner of the AirTag has marked it as a lost item, you shall get a message on how to contact the owner.

  • To get details about the Find My Network or AirPods you can scroll down to the bottom of the Items tab and then open Identify Found item option.
  • You can also launch Find My App on your iPhone to check the list of all Find My Network and AirTag.
  • Then tap on Items tab and then tap on Items Detected With You.

Here you will find the item for which you received the alert.

If you do not get Play a Sound option, the item may not be with you, and maybe it is near its owner or the identifier has changed.

  • You can stop the AirTag from sharing its location and disable it by tapping on the Instructions to Disable option.


  • Follow the on-screen instruction provided, and you will not be sent any unwanted tracking alert for the item.

The owner will also no longer get any update on its current location.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. What is the Unknown Accessory Detected Near You mean?

When you get Unknown Accessory detected near you message alert, it means any AirPods, or Find My Network accessory is detected but Find My App cannot connect to that or the server at the time.

  1. How do you know if AirTag is tracking you with an Android?

Download the Tracker Detect app to scan for any unknown AirTags.

You can play a noise to find any nearby AirTag and check its details along with the last 4 digits of its owners contact number.

  1. How do I stop AirTag from tracking me?

You can put the AirTag n a Faraday bad to stop EMF and tracking you.

If you turn on AirTags and pair them with your phone or Mac via Bluetooth, the AirTag will always be on.

Closing Up

So, that is all! If you have any further queries about unknown accessories detected near you, ask us in the comments section provided below.

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