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Best VST Plugins For OBS – Install And Use Guide

To improve the quality of audio we often use audio filters. They are a cost-effective way to enhance the audio output level.

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS offers some satisfactory tools to do the job but you may want to be more professional while handling the audio.

In this article, I will discuss some best OBS VST Plugins that are not just audio filters but can do a lot more. Keep Reading.

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What Are OBS VST Plugins?


OBS VST Plugins are the VST plugins that are used inside your OBS studio.

These plugins are not only a cost-effective way to improve the sound quality but they are more than just audio filters.

Here we have discussed what VST Plugins are and how to use VST Plugins in OBS.

What are VST Plugins?

Virtual Studio Technology or VST Plugins are used to enhance the audio of a production.

They can work within all types of digital audio workstations or DAW applications.

VSTi or Virtual Studio Technology Instrument is a special kind of VST.

VSTis helps you recreate the sound effect of instruments within the DAWs. Thus you can improvise with any kind of music and sound effect.

VST and VSTis are in huge demand in the music industry for extracting quality outputs.

Order Is Important In VST

The order of filters is very important, in VST audio chains, especially, for the microphone source.

You must take care of the order. Like if you add a Noise filter after a Gain filter, the noise will be amplified and the signal-to-noise ratio will get reduced.

That is why you need to understand the orders before you manipulate the audio filters in your OBS studio.

Here is a standard filter order suggested for you. You will find these in the list of filters:

Noise Suppression

Noise Gate





Among these expanders, Equalization and Limiter are optional filters.

They are used to enhance the audio. The Expander makes low sounds louder so that they become more audible, like the chirping of birds, footsteps, etc.

A Limiter prevents the microphone from peaking and so on.

1) MFreeFXBundle By Melda

This free OBS plugin is user-friendly and newbies can use it. The basic design is simple and easy to understand.

It contains free sets of audio effects. By purchasing a license you can extend its features.

 This pack has two main plugins, Mcompressor and MEquilizer.

A) MCompressor


For tuning the microphone, MCompressor can be a good option.

It prevents the peaks and clips from the audio part. This has a user-friendly interface.

MCompressor provides good compression creating a dynamic sound effect.

There are ample up-sampling options for a crystal clear sound output.

B) MEquilizer


MEquilizer by Melda production is also easy to use and is a 6band equalizer.

There are 7 filters in each band.  It provides a sonogram and spectrum analyzer.

One thing you should consider about these plugins before using that they are not fully compatible with the OBS studio.

Between reboots, these plugins do not save their configuration.

Streamlabs OBS plugins contain bugs and crash the client when one opens the interface.

This is a common issue with Melda Productions VST plugins.  Although it is much easy to use yet it has certain drawbacks over Reaplugs that I will be introducing later.

2) Replugs By Reaper

Now, let me introduce the free Reaper OBS Plugins.

Reaper is a high-quality DAW software used for creating music and sound effects.

Reaplugs is one of the best OBS plugins consisting Reaper’s built-in effects.

Reapers are completely free and one of the best VST plugins that I can recommend.

A large section of the streamers prefers to use Reaplugs to control the audio. It has gained popularity hype for its functionality.

But you may need a guide to understand Reapers fully as the UI is not that user-friendly. To tweak the filters you can take the help of the video tutorials.

The filters available with the pack are as follows:










While downloading make sure to download the x64 version to be compatible with your OBS studio.

You can experiment with these plugins and see what results you can extract out of them. For streaming you can use Reaeq, ReaFir, and Reacomp.

A) Reaeq


This is an unlimited brand IIR based equalizer.  It supports bands, shelfs, HPF, allpass, notch, and other types of filters of any number.

For precise editing, you will get a full view of the graph.

This effective equalization plugin can apply things like “High Pass” filter. It is mainly used by professionals and so might not seem friendly to the newbies.

B) ReaFir


You will get various kinds of modes in ReaFir. These share the functionality of other filters that are available with this package.

I must talk about the Subtract Mode first. If you have a lot of background noise, then you can use this free plugin to cut them off effectively.

But take care while handling it as being too aggressive can lower the audio quality a bit.

C) Reacomp


Reacomp prevents the peaking of the audio. During peaking, the signal crosses the decibel range of the audio signal and clips the top off. Reacomp compressor moderates the volume on some defined ratio based on some defined threshold.

It consumes less CPU and RAM. Besides, you will get an ultra customizable compressor, sidechain filters & inputs, and variable RMS – size.

There are thousands of other factors involved to get better sound quality and improve acoustics.

You should have a good microphone set up and ambiance too.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Here we have answered some of the commonly asked questions related to this topic.

  1. Can OBS use VST Plugins?

Yes, OBS can use VST plugins and here we have shown how you can install them.

  1. Can OBS use VST3?

No, at the moment of publishing, OBS only supports VST2 plugins.

  1. Where are OBS plugins stored?

All OBS Studio plugins are stored in their own respective folders inside the ~/. config/obs-studio/plugins folder.

Closing Up

So, that’s it. Now you know what VST plugins are and how to use them on OBS. Use the VST filters and improve the sound quality of your production.

Keep turning up with your questions and we shall answer them as early as possible.

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