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What Does OBS Mean? – What Is OBS Studio [Full Guide]

What is OBS? OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. OBS Studio is an open-source, free, cross-platform live streaming encoder.

It is well compatible with your macOS, Windows, Linux, and BSD.

Let us now discuss what is OBS studio and how to use it in detail.

What Is OBS?

So what’s OBS? What does it do? Let me clarify.

OBS studio provides you with lots of lucrative features like real-time screenshots, recording, encoding, scene composition, and so on.

Thus, you can connect to any video conferencing or live streaming platform and use a digital camera to stream live.

With OBS you can stream and screencast videos to your favorite social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, or any Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) destination.

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OBS User Interface


The user interface is well organized into five segments sources, scenes, audio-mixer, transitions, and controls.

Scenes are the sources like text, audio, live or recorded video. It is a combination of your videos and audio layers.

With the help of the mixer panel, you can adjust the audio volume via virtual faders or mute the volume completely.

You can also start, stop a recording or live stream, and transform OBS to a better studio mode.

The studio mode has two canvas preview windows. The left window is for modifying and previewing a non-active scene. The right window is to preview a live sene.

There is a transition button just in the middle to switch to non-live scenes when needed.

To edit or monitor a current scene, you will get a live video preview. The UI provides you with a wide variety of settings options, and themes to choose from accordingly.

How To Download and Install OBS Studio?

Now I will show you how to install OBS easily. Follow the steps as described:

  • Visit the OBS official website and select the platform for which you want to download OBS – Windows, macOS, or Linux.


  • After you click on the platform button (like I have clicked on Windows the download process of the exe file) will start. Wait for the process to get completed.


  • After the download gets finished you will see the OBS setup window. Click on the Next button to continue. If prompted again click on the Next button to confirm.


  • Now you will be prompted to select an install location. Choose accordingly and click on the Install button as I have shown below.


  • As soon as you click on the Install button the installation process will commence. Wait till the process gets finished.

After the installation gets completed, click on the Finish button.


Now, you will get an auto-configuration wizard. Choose from the given options and continue by clicking on the Next button. Finish the process.

You can choose to include the additional plugins during this setup but it is recommended to keep the sections blank.

You can now launch OBS directly from your installation window or by clicking on the desktop icon.

OBS Plugins

To extend the functionality of your OBS studio, plugins are used.

VirtualCam is a popular OBS plugin with the help of which you can record any video inside OBS and connect to another camera via virtual webcam.

You can thus pump a video from OBS to other apps like zoom. Another popular plugin adds support for NDI, an IP video production protocol.

You can also control OBS remotely with the help of another plugin for OBS. If you want to control PTZ cameras then the PTZ Optics OBS plugin is for you.

How To Add Cameras And Microphones To OBS?

All the video and audio sources are organized into scenes by OBS.

Thus, you can customize scenes with a wide variety of layouts displaying all the audiovisual sources.

  • Just select a scene to put the audio or video source into it.
  • Next click on the add or (+) button in the source for selecting a media type.


  • Choose the audio or video source and name it.

How To Live Stream In OBS?

After the setup, click on the Start Streaming button at your bottom right side to live to stream a video.


The streaming location can be configured from the settings inside the stream tab.

You can log in to Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook and stream from there in OBS. To enter, a custom server clicks on the custom button for live streaming.

After configuring the streaming location, OBS will start live streaming to that particular destination as soon as the start streaming button is clicked.

How To Record Videos Via OBS?

Just click on the Start Recording button at the lower right corner to start recording via OBS.


It is easy to monitor the video in the main OBS window and you can also control the audio with the help of the mixer.

Besides OBS lets you adjust the video recording settings and recording location.

The video bitrate sets the video quality in OBS and by default. It is configured to 2500kbps but you may adjust it to 10,000 kbps.

 You can select a recording format and store the video in a recording folder.

Closing Up

Hope the above article could answer all your queries like what does OBS mean? What are its functions? How does OBS work? For any further detail comment in the reply section below.

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