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What Is BTRoblox? How To Use BTRoblox?

Roblox is a popular online gaming platform that allows gamers to create mini-games as well as play them with other gamers.

With the growing popularity of Roblox, developers have created different extensions to give gamers a better gaming experience.

BTRoblox is one such Roblox extension where the entire layout of the Roblox website gets changed for the better.

Here I have explained what BTRoblox is and how to add it to your web browser.

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What Is BTRoblox?

BTRoblox, created by AntiBoomOr, is a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension available online.


Its styles modify Roblox website, making it easier to navigate and use.

Over 3,000,000 weekly active users made BTRoblox one of the most popular Roblox extensions available online.

What Does BTRoblox Do?

BTRoblox modifies the entire look of the Roblox website and adds a plethora of new features to it.

With BTRoblox, you can:

  • Change the layout of the profile, and swap things in the side menu bar.
  • Get quick access to avatars, online game stores, profiles, and many extra things.
  • Navigate to Inventory, Groups, Catalog, Item Details, and other general settings.
  • Change the site themes to choose from, like – Red, Sky, Black, and Dark as Night themes.
  • Get notifications from Roblox.
  • Get a preview by hovering over an option.
  • Change the location of the button.
  • Optimize the Roblox platform in a better way.


BTRoblox can also fix the audio issues, like when they stop playing after hitting the Play button.

It lets gamers download the Roblox audio from the library, hiding the advertisements.

Is BTRoblox Safe?

Yes, BTRoblox is completely safe to use. It is not a virus. It is open-source software, so users can check the developer code and get sure that it is not malicious.

Till date, users have not complained about any damage caused by using this web extension.

Besides, BTRoblox browser extension makes everything better on the Roblox website.

The developers claim that BTRoblox does not use or collect user data or sell those to third parties. It takes reasonable measures to safeguard your data stored in their servers.

The only shorcoming of BTRoblox is that it cannot be used on Xbox, Android, or iOS smartphones.

How To Add BTRoblox Extension?

To add BTRoblox as a Chrome extension or Firefox add-on, follow the steps given below:

Google Chrome

  • Click here, and you will find BTRoblox Add to Chrome button.


  • Click on it and add the extension.


  • You will be notified when the extension gets added to your web browser.
  • Next, visit and from the top right corner of the page, click on the puzzle piece or Extension icon.
  • Next, click on BTRoblox. A new window will open where you can modify all the settings.


Explore them and change the look of the Roblox website as per your preferences.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click here and then click on the Add to Firefox button.


  • From the following pop-up, click on Add button and finally click on Okay to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

  1. Can you get banned for using BTRoblox?

Roblox extensions are generally safe to use. As these extensions do not affect your gameplay, so, there is extremely low chance that you will get banned for using BTRoblox.

  1. Is BTRoblox safe?

Yes, BTRoblox is entirely safe to use. This extension is open-source, so anyone can see the developer code ensuring that it is not malicious. This extension will not affect your gameplay and is entirely secure for Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.

  1. What does BTC mean in Roblox?

BTC can mean ‘Because They Can’ and cryptocurrency. The players use this abbreviation in Roblox.

Closing Up

After reading the above article, you should have a clear idea about BTRoblox. For any further information, ask us in the comments section below.

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