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What Is Igfxtray.Exe? Should You Disable It?

There are many unknown system files on your computer that may seem suspicious.

Igfxtray is one of these files. Sometimes you may get to see a dialogue box having Igfxtray with every startup and you don’t understand what to do with it!

Let us see what is it and whether you should keep it in your system.

What is Igfxtray?

Igfxtray module, developed by Intel is software for Intel Common UI.

Igfxtray files are parts of the Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. The igfxtray.exe is displayed as an Intel icon on your system tray.

You can click on the icon to get quick access to the Intel Graphics settings.

Is Igfxtray Safe? Do You Need It In The Startup?

Igfxtray.exe is cent percent safe and legitimate.

You do not need to have it in the startup unless you need to configure the Intel graphics more often.

Igfxtray module is just a shortcut to your Intel Graphics configuration.

But if the process has any conflict with your system or you are running out of memory, then you may have to disable it from the startup.

Is Your Igfxtray Module Authentic?

Many viruses and malware disguise as Igfxtray module and cause conflicts. So, how can you understand if Igfxtray module is authentic?

For this, you must consider two things. One Igfxtray should has a verified signature and it must be in the right directory.

Follow the steps to check your Igfxtray:

  • To open task manager, right-click on your Taskbar and select Task Manager. Locate Igfxtray and expand its Properties.
  • From the General tab and check if it is stored in the proper system directory.


  • After checking the location, click on the Digital signatures A signature list will be displayed here giving you the details.
  • You can verify the details of the signature by selecting one of them and then clicking on Details.


If the Igfxtray module passes these two verifications, then your Igfxtray module is authentic and it is not going to harm your system.

How To Disable Igfx Tray Module?

Now if you need to disable igfx module from startup, check the following methods given.

1) Use System Configuration

You can disable igfxTray from the System configuration which contains all the processes in the Startup tab.

Follow the steps for igfx tray module startup disable:

  • Open Run utility by pressing Win + R hotkeys on your keyboard.
  • Enter msconfig in the Run command box and press the Enter button.


  • Go to the Startup tab and locate IgfxTray under Intel. Uncheck the box attached to the process.

2) Exclude IgfxTray.exe in Windows Defender Security Center

If you keep getting a warning message whenever you start your system, then it is better to exclude igfxTray.exe in the Windows Defender Security Center.

To do so follow the steps given below:

  • Enter Windows Security in the search box and select the top option.


  • Click on Virus and Threat protection.

virus _threat_prote

  • Under Allowed Threats, you can remove exclusions.


But before adding any such exclusion, check ifigfxTrayis present in the proper system drive.

  • Then you can click on Process under Add an exclusion option.

After doing so, restart your PC and see if you are getting any warning messages thereafter.

2) Tweak Your Registry

You can also delete igfxtray from your Registry. To do that follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch Run dialogue box and enter regedit in Run command box. Press the Enter button to run the command.


  • Follow the path given below:


  • Go to the right panel and right-click on igfxtray executable to delete it.

Closing Up

So, now you know what igfxtray module is and how to disable it.

For any further problems, leave us a comment.

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