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Where Are OBS Recordings Saved? [Full Guide]

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS studio is a free open source app for live streaming and recording.

Whatever you create on OBS gets saved in a default folder destination.

If your question is where do OBS stores recordings, then follow this article to know where are OBS recordings saved and how to change that location.

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Where Are OBS Recordings Saved?

Now I will show you where do OBS recordings go. Follow the steps given below and get your OBS recordings:

  • Open OBS and click on the File option from the top left corner.


  • From the menu select Show Recordings.


Now you can navigate to the destination where OBS has stored your recordings on your Computer.

The above steps gave you the details of where does OBS store recordings.

Now if you want to change the storage destination of your OBS folder, follow the steps described below:

  • Launch OBS and click on the File tab. Select Settings.


  • Click on the Output option and from here you will be able to see the path where OBS is storing the recordings.


  • To change the path, click on the Browse option and you can now select the desired destination to store the OBS recordings.


How Much Space Do You Need To Store Your OBS Recordings?

So, after you have known where does OBS record go and how to change the folder destination, you should also be aware of how much space OBS recordings needs.

This depends upon a few factors like – recording resolution, quality, bitrates, and frame rates. It is really hard to say the exact amount of space a recording needs.

You can control the file size of your OBS recording by changing the Recording quality. You will get the settings in OBS studio as shown in the picture below.

The higher the setting is set, the quality of the recording will get better and so will be the file size.

As the quality increases, there will be more data to store. Here is an average recording setting given for you to understand:

Resolution Framerate Bitrate File Size Per Minute
1920×1080 60 6000 750MB
1280×720 60 60 6000 45MB
1280×720 30 30 6000 45MB
852×480   30 30 4000 33.75MB

You can also take the help of some third-party tool to calculate the file size of your OBS recording.

Closing Up

So, there you are! Hope this guide has helped you know where are OBS recordings saved and how to change the location.

Send us your feedback in the reply section as we always look forward to hearing from you.

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