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Experiencing Windows 10 Screen Blue Tint? – Some Easy Fixes

If you suddenly find that your monitor is more bluish than it usually appears, then there may be some problems in the settings.

Windows 10 blue tint screen gives strain to the eyes making it a bit unpleasant to work for long hours.

Fortunately, I have some easy solutions for you to reduce the blue tint on your monitor. Keep reading!

What To Do When Windows 10 Screen Blue Tint?

Windows 10 has built-in troubleshooting features. You can easily adjust the extra blue hue with some changes in the settings.

Now I will demonstrate some probable causes for Windows 10 blue tint screen and mention solutions to adjust it. Have a look!

Method 1: Check For Any Hardware Issue

If your monitor has a blue tint, check if there is any hardware problem. Make sure that the display cables (HDMI/VGA) are properly connected to your Monitor.

Also, check the monitor settings. Each monitor has different settings. Find the menu button on your monitor and check the color settings.


Once you find the option, reset the settings to default. If possible, connect the monitor to another PC and check if the monitor is working without the blue tint.

Now, if the monitor has the same issue on another system, the issue is definitely with the monitor, and you may have to buy a new one to fix it.

If you cannot fix the blue tint on your monitor, then move onto the next troubleshooting steps.

Method 2: Turn On The Night Light

Windows has recently introduced the Night Light feature. If this feature is on then it may create a blue tint.

So, disable the night light feature and see if this solves the problem. Now check the process mentioned below:

Click on the Start Menu and select Settings. From the next window, click on System.


Go to the Display section and from the right panel, toggle the switch under the Night light to turn it off as shown in the picture.


Check if Windows 10 blue tint screen has become normal now.

Method 3: Tweak The Color Settings From The GPU Control Panel

Check the Nvidia Control Panel color settings. If you have made some changes in the color settings by mistake, then you may get a bluish tint.

Go to your GPU Control Panel and then check the color settings there. Right-click on your desktop and open the GPU control panel from the context menu.


You may choose to reset it to the default settings and then check if the blue tint has disappeared from your screen.


Method 4: Troubleshoot Graphics Driver

If the above changes in the settings failed to reduce the blue tint on the monitor, then update the GPU drivers and check if it helps.

To update your outdated graphics drivers, follow the steps given below:

Press Win + R keys on your keyboard to open the Windows Run dialog box. Type devmgmt.msc in the run command box and then press the Enter key.


Now select the Display Adapters and right-click on your graphics driver. Select the Update Driver option as I have shown below.


After the next window opens, select Search automatically for the drivers Windows will start to search for the latest available drivers.


If updating the GPU drivers didn’t fix the blue screen tint, try reinstalling them. Follow the process mentioned below to reinstall the graphics driver:

Go to the Display Adapter section. Now select your Display driver and then click on Uninstall device option.


After uninstalling the graphics driver, restart your PC. Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers with a fresh restart. The blue tint should disappear from your display by now.

Closing Up

Hey there! Hope the above article has helped you to adjust Windows 10 blue tint screen. If you have more queries related to this subject, leave us a reply in the comments section provided below.

We are always eager to hear from you. Stay connected!

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