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FIX: Xbox One Apps And Games Taking Too Long To Start

You can enjoy all sorts of apps and games on your Xbox One but sometimes certain errors and issues may ruin your seamless experience with the console.

Many users have reported that their Xbox One apps taking too long to start and today I am here to discuss all the feasible solutions to fix this issue.

How To Easily Fix Xbox One Apps Taking Too Long To Start Error Or Issue?

There are several workarounds to troubleshoot this issue.

So, if your Xbox One apps are taking too long to start, perform the solutions given here it should fix this issue.

Fix 1: Check Xbox Live Service Status

When your Xbox one home took too long to start, first check the Xbox status page. You need to check the status of Xbox Live services.

If you find any service with an alert then expand it and check the notifications.

Log in for notifications when the service is up and running. After you have checked the status of Xbox Live services and found it fine, move to the next solution.

Fix 2: Restart The App

When Xbox games taking too long to start, restarting the affected game or app can help you load it up faster.

So when Xbox one apps or games taking too long to start, try restarting it.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • From your Xbox controller, press the Xbox button and open the Then select Home from the options.


  • Focus on the affected app and highlight the tile. Next press the Menu button and finally select Quit.


  • Allow 10-15 seconds before you restart the app. Now check if you can load it successfully.

If your apps are still taking forever to load, follow our next solution.

Fix 3: Power Cycle Your Xbox Console

If Xbox games take forever to turn on, a quick power cycle can often help you fix the problem.

The power cycle helps you clear the cache and can resolve the problem.

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a power cycle:

  • Turn off the Xbox console and unplug all the cables attached to it.
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes before you press the power button and plug in all the cables.

Restart your console and check if it works now.

Fix 4: Clear Cache

Clearing the local saved games will clear any corrupted data from your device.

So, your Xbox one game takes too long to start, you can try this process but make sure to perform the steps while plying online as all the data will get saved to the cloud.

Now follow the process as stated below:

  • Open Settings from your Xbox One console and select System. Next select Clear local saved games. This will automatically restart your console now.


If your console is still taking time to turn on then move to our next solution.

Fix 5: Remove And Re-Add Your Account

Many users have suggested removing your Xbox profile and then re-add it when Xbox one apps taking too long to start.

Sometimes the Xbox profile may be corrupted and this may cause the issue.

  • Go to your Home Screen and select Settings.


  • Click on Accounts and then select Remove accounts.


  • Select your account and then select the Remove option.


You may need to repeat the steps few times to remove your account completely from your system.

After this, you will have to restart your Xbox one console. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so:

  • Open Settings and select Restart console. Press Yes to Turn off Xbox from the next window.

Next, add your profile again by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Scroll left on the Home From the Sign In tab check the list of the available users.
  • Scroll down and select Add & manage option. Select Add new and click on the link to go to Microsoft account log-in info page.

Download your profile and login with your credentials.

Fix 6: Clear Persistent Storage On Xbox One

The next thing you can try is clearing the persistent storage on Xbox One. Here is how you can clear it:

  • Press the Xbox One button and open Settings.
  • Select Devices and Connections and find Persistent Storage option in the BLU-RAY section.


  • Click on Clear Persistent Storage.

Fix 7: Perform A Reset On Your Xbox Console

If after removing and adding your profile Xbox one takes forever to turn on, then perform a factory reset on your console and check if this helps.

This will reset all the settings, including network settings, which can fix this issue.

But before you perform the steps to factory reset, make sure to note down your email ID and password as you will need them to sign in to your account.

  • From Settings, select System and then go to the Console info option.
  • Select Reset this Xbox and choose Reset and keep my Games and Apps. This way you will not lose your games.


If Xbox one home took too long to start after the factory reset, then move on to our next solution.

Fix 8: Reinstall The Problematic Game

Sometimes there may be a problem with the installation of the game files. So, when Xbox games taking too long to start, try re-installing it.

Check what to do if Xbox one game took too long to start error:

  • Go to the Main Screen and select My Games & apps. Select the game having issues and press the Menu
  • From the displayed menu, select Manage Video Game. Now reselect the game and select Menu.


  • Press the Uninstall button to uninstall the game.


  • Make sure to remove saved data for this particular game also.


Now to reinstall the game again, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open My Games & Apps. Scroll down to select Ready To Install.
  • Find the game from the ready to install section and select the game.

Wait till the downloading process gets completed. Now try starting the game once again and check if it loads properly now.

Closing Up

There you are! Hope now you know what to do when Xbox one apps taking too long to start. If you have found our methods helpful, leave us a reply in the comments section below.

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Sanchita Das
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  1. Thank you very much for posting this helpful article. For a couple of days, I suffered from this issue, and the power cycle process is the easiest process to solve the issue. Thanks again.


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