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Fix: Xbox One X Overheating [Solved]

Xbox console comes with an in-built cooling system but sometimes it can get overheated after prolonged use.

If the console gets overheated once your gameplay may lag, freeze or even crash.

You may restart the Xbox console and relaunch the game but this will not solve the problem permanently.

So, if your Xbox one X is overheating, check this article to know what you can do to fix it.

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What To Do When Xbox One X Is Overheating?

Perform the following steps to find a suitable Xbox one overheating fix.

1) Clean Your Xbox One X Console

While you find your Xbox one overheating first of all turn it off.

Disconnect all the plugs attached to the console and wait for some time. Let it cool down first.

You can take the console to some cool area with no heating source nearby.

Now check the side panels and the exhaust grill. If you find any dust or dirt accumulated there, clean it.

If air cannot pass through these panels, then your console can get heated up.

2) Take A Break

It is very important to allow your console to rest. This is a common practice amongst avid gamers to play continuously without taking any break.

If you use the Xbox console for a prolonged time then this can be the reason why Xbox one X is overheating.

So, take breaks during gaming especially while playing games with high frame rates.

3) Avoid Direct Sunlight And Heat

Make sure not to expose the Xbox console to direct sunlight and don’t keep it near any heated object.

These external factors like sunlight, room temperature, affect your Xbox One and so, you must check this especially when you see Xbox is overheating.

Also do not use your Xbox continuously. Put it to rest and check if it is getting heated from time to time.

4) Check The Ventilation System

Always keep your Xbox in an airy space to allow good ventilation.

Do not keep your device in a confined space otherwise, improper ventilation will lead to Xbox one overheating.

Also, check there are no heat-emitting devices near the console.

5) Check The Fans And Thermal Paste

After performing the above steps take a look inside the console.

If you are not confident enough to unscrew the console, open the cover of the console.

Check the thermal paste. If you find it has become dry or flaky, remove it and apply it freshly.

Also, check that the fans of the console are working properly.

You may seek professional help if you cannot open the console to avoid further hampering the device.

Closing Up

The above steps should fix your problem when Xbox one X is overheating. Send us your feedback and keep commenting.

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  1. I keep getting green screen of death tryed all internet/YouTube tip hard soft reset tryed attaching it to my phone to see if it makes it better it plays 2 to 20 min and then freezes I don’t have money for a new one and it’s only 2 years old


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