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How To Use Zoom Countdown Timer? [Full Guide]

Zoom has always been one of the popular apps for video conferencing.

Now, what if you host a meeting and your participants do not turn up at the right time?

To encourage on-time meetings many meeting hosts are using countdown timers.

The Zoom countdown timer is a smart way to keep your meetings on track. So keep reading this article to know how you can add a timer on Zoom.

How To Add Zoom Countdown Timer?

Here I will discuss two ways to use the Zoom countdown timer. Follow the steps to get the details.

1) Share Screen To Add Timer To Zoom

You can easily include a timer on Zoom meetings by sharing your screen.

Sharing a screen is a much easier way to broadcast a timer inside your Zoom meeting.

For this, you will have to first download the countdown timer video and save it on your PC.

You will get various countdown timers here. Now check the process of how to screen share and add Zoom timer on screen:

  • Save the countdown timer file to a handy location so that you can access it easily while sharing your screen on Zoom. Start a meeting and click on the Share Screen option.


  • Now go to the video location and play the video through your video media player.


  • You can use a virtual camera if you want to be visible yourself. OBS can be a good option for this.

It is easy to connect OBS to Zoom. You can also choose software as per your wish.

  • Make sure to check the box for – Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting box.


  • To become the center of interest and focus on what you are sharing turn the spotlight on for the video. A spotlight highlights the video for the participants.

To do so, click on the Annotate section from the top panel and then use the Spotlight.


2) Use A Software To Add Timer To Zoom

You can also use a software program to add a timer to Zoom.

This method is a bit longer than the first process. But you can easily do so following the steps given below.

Here I will show you how to add a countdown timer on Zoom using BlueSky.


  • Next check the box to allow this app to use my shared access permissions and click on the authorize button as shown.


  • BlueSky will automatically join your meeting and you will not need to add it repeatedly. Now click on the Next button.


You may again need to click on the Next button to continue. From the next page click on Get Started.

  • Now you will get a business timer page. You can set the count time, warning time, alert time, etc. as per your requirement.

  • Blue sky also helps you to take attendance and track your participants using the participation tracker. Just turn on the toggle buttons to use the options.


  • Now start your Zoom meeting and the blue sky will automatically get connected. Use the Blue sky timer with your Zoom meeting.


Closing Up

So, now you can add a Zoom countdown timer to your meeting and encourage the meeting attendees to be on time.

For any other assistance, leave us a comment n the section below.

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